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Christian LANCTÔT
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My goal as a scientist has always been to tackle "big questions". And I can think of no bigger question than the one of how complex and reproducible patterns arise in living matter. Already during my training as a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Jacques Drouin at the Université de Montréal (1994-1998), I had the opportunity to study this process in one of its most striking manifestation, i.e. in the developing organism. My doctoral work focussed on elucidating the role of homeobox-containing genes in pattern formation at the organismic level. After a 5-year adventure as co-founder of a biotech company (1998-2003), I decided to resume my study of pattern formation, this time at the cellular level. I joined the laboratory of Thomas Cremer (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), where I investigated patterns of gene positioning in the cell nuclei of fixed and living cells (2004-2007). I set up my laboratory at the end of 2009 at Charles University in Prague, where I continue to try to determine the link between spatial patterns and activity patterns in the living cell nucleus (i.e. between gene positioning and gene expression).

+420 325 873 906
Graduate student

I obtained my degree in Cell biology from the Faculty of Sciences at Charles University in Prague. I have always been fascinated by the cell nucleus. Therefore I chose to work on pre mRNA splicing and did my diploma thesis in David Staněk´s lab at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of AS CR. Later on, I also became fascinated by microscopy. I was still attracted by both microscopy and nucleus related topics when choosing the lab for my PhD. Coming to this lab, I only moved from splicing to transcription. The main goal of my work is to determine whether there are any temporal and spatial patterns of transcription in the nucleus and if they have a functional relationship to gene expression programs.